For the first time in its history, the Western Retail Lumber Association’s (WRLA) Building & Hardware Showcase in-person event has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the saying goes, “the show must go on” and in this case, it’s going on with the association’s publication, Yardstick, and app.

To ensure that the WRLA can safeguard the health and safety of members while continuing to create success for the industry, the robust and engaging publication and app will provide a new platform to engage vendor and dealer connections, offer education opportunities, and build industry awareness in an effective and efficient way.

“While we recognize the value of in-person events cannot be replaced, we want to make this a win-win situation to create success and sustainability,” says Liz Kovach, WRLA president. “The WRLA board and staff are disappointed that we had to cancel one of the industry’s largest shows. We recognize this event is important to members’ business development and these alternatives will allow everyone to still collaborate, network and showcase innovation to the industry.”

The January issue of the association’s bi-monthly Yardstick magazine, which is sent to all members, will now contain a special WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase section. Through the publication and app, members can participate in:

  • member “booths” with company profiles, product info and staff intros created by the members
  • new products feature area
  • show specials
  • warehouse sales
  • opportunities to connect with other members
  • in-app contests

Members can also have virtual product knowledge sessions hosted by the WRLA and the association will be holding various education sessions on industry and business topics from January 18-29, 2021. “This new format is actually a really exciting opportunity for members. This is a fresh way for vendors to reach people they would have seen at the show, plus they can also connect with others who may not normally travel to the show. Via the app and magazine, members can connect in ways that work within their schedule,” says Joel Seibert, WRLA board chair. “This is the next best thing to an in-person event.”

The show was previously scheduled for January 21-22, 2021 in Winnipeg. Read the show cancellation FAQs here. For more information on the show publication and app, download the media kit here.

Source: Western Retail Lumber Association