In 1994—the same year Walmart launched in Canada with 122 rebranded Woolco stores—Horacio Barbeito joined the retailer in Argentina as a buyer-in-training. What he bought most was the company’s compete-hard philosophy, matching it with some natural people skills. He rose through the ranks, becoming CEO of Walmart Argentina in 2012 and adding Chile to his portfolio three years later. Then, in 2019, Barbeito was asked to head north to pump up Walmart’s limp operation in Canada. In two years he has witnessed, and contributed to, a retail landscape transformed by the forces of pandemic and technology. Walmart Canada’s e-commerce operation is now several years ahead of plan, and the company is adding high-tech fulfillment centres across the country. Next stop for Barbeito: the metaverse. 

Barbeito spoke with Trevor Cole via Zoom during Walmart’s presidents’ roundtable at the company’s headquarters in Bentonville, Ark. During the discussion they spoke about the current modernization plan and what Barbeito sees for the future of Walmart Canada. To read the full interview, visit the Globe and Mail website. 

Source: Globe and Mail