The Federal Government delivered their Speech from the Throne on September 23rd and here is a summary of what was included that will have an impact on Canadian manufacturers. The government’s plan is based on four foundations: 

  • Fight the pandemic
  • Continue to support people and companies during the pandemic
  • Build back better to make economy more resilient
  • Stay true to Canada’s social and cultural traditions 

Below is a quick summary of what was discussed under these themes and what is relevant to manufacturers and CHHMA members:

Supporting Businesses throughout COVID-19

  • Extension of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy until next summer
  • Transitioning of Canada Emergency Relief Benefit to the Employment Insurance system
  • Increasing support for provinces to expand COVID-19 testing capacity with a commitment to more broad based, rapid testing
  • Investing in vaccine manufacturing and distribution
  • Financial supports for hard hit sectors
  • Funding for a youth employment strategy
  • Extension of the Canada Emergency Business Account
  • An action plan to help women in the workforce

Building Back Better

  • Large investments in worker training, reskilling, and accreditation
  • Support manufacturers who make investments to achieve a net-zero carbon future
  • Investments in housing, infrastructure, broadband, energy efficiency retrofits, and clean energy
  • Push to manufacture carbon-neutral vehicles and batteries in Canada and extracting the natural resources needed for their manufacture
  • Continue to increase and welcome immigrants into Canada
  • Many comments on the need to be globally competitive

Additional Comments:
The Government has reiterated its commitment to put a price on pollution, to modernize the Canadian Environment Protection Act (CEPA), and to ban harmful single use plastics as part of the environmental agenda. At the same time, they note the need to have a competitive business environment so that domestic industry can compete globally.

Special Mention for Manufacturing
It is clear through the Throne Speech that the importance of manufacturing and the role the sector plays in Canada – both societally and economically – is much better appreciated today than in previous years. Because of industry efforts throughout this crisis, manufacturing was applauded at several points during the speech, particularly for PPE production and food processing. It is through this recognition that governments are more likely to act with policies, regulations, and programs to support the growth of our sector.

Source: Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CM&E)