Exclusive membership value!

Some of the most valuable benefits of a CHPTA membership can be the unique information that is obtained from joining the Association’s CORE, SMART, HR, Logistics and ConnectPro Peer Networking Groups. These groups are a great way to network with fellow members while the business knowledge and industry insights learned could potentially save your company thousands of dollars each year! 

How do they work?

  • Members discuss industry issues and best practices in a friendly forum (where necessary, multiple groups are set up to avoid competitive conflicts).
  • Agendas are determined by group members on the day of the meeting and sessions are facilitated by a CHPTA representative to keep them focused, productive, and on time (meetings last 1 hour).
  • On occasion, outside experts can be brought in to present or provide information on specific topics or issues of importance. 
  • Meetings are held every 6 weeks (9 annually), primarily via Zoom with a few in-person meetings.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Attack critical problems in a friendly forum. 
  • Find out how others may be dealing with a similar issue and alternative approaches. 
  • Stay ahead of the competition with insights to helpful resources, best practices, latest trends, new innovation, and updated technology. 
  • Catch up on industry and customer news that you may have missed. 
  • Benchmark your company with others in the industry. 
  • Strengthen your bottom-line. 
  • Forge valuable professional industry relationships that can help you develop professionally and personally. 


SMART – Sales Managers Achieving Results Together
Senior sales managers, account managers and marketing executives meet to discuss industry issues, news and best practices. We currently run several groups in the Toronto area as well as a Montreal area group. Members in other parts of the country are welcome too and can participate via Zoom. 

CORE – Chief Officers Reaching Excellence
These meetings are held for senior executives from member companies where more general management (sales, financial, supply chain and HR) and industry issues are reviewed and best practices shared. 

HR Network
Human Resources Managers or persons with HR responsibilities meet to discuss the latest HR issues and legislation impacting employees and the workplace and best practices to address them. In addition, HR experts are brought in occasionally to present on specific topics. 

This group for managers handling purchasing, warehousing, distribution and shipping responsibilities discuss the latest supply chain technologies, issues and best practices. Logistics consultants are brought in on occasion to provide insights and management solutions.

ConnectPro – Networking for Gen X & Y Professionals
Our newest group to be set up is called “ConnectPro” and will bring together generation X and Y professionals in the Canadian home products sector to participate in beneficial learning and networking opportunities. This group will help foster the careers of young professionals in the industry, and create worthwhile opportunities for engagement.  The plan is for this group to meet in person quarterly (once it is safe to do so) at GTA restaurant locations. 

Real Value!

So as a member of the CHPTA, we encourage you to consider participating in one or several of these groups if you are not currently.  There is no cost to join any of the groups and you can involve as many of your employees as you want.  As current participants have found, the information obtained in the meetings and the industry relationships that are built are real benefits to their companies and them personally.  

Sign-Up Now or Get Further Information

If you are interested in participating in any of these peer networking groups or would like further information, please contact Michael Jorgenson at (416) 282-0022 ext. 134 or mjorgenson@chpta.ca