As a retail supplier, your job isn’t easy at the best of times, but in this new COVID-19 world it’s now more important than ever to analyze the shift in sales and inventory performance across your different retailers. 

On July 8th, the CHHMA is conducting a complimentary webinar for members where you will learn key insights into what your retailers’ point-of-sale (POS) data isn’t telling you and what you need to know. 

You will hear how members are using their POS data in Krunchbox to increase sales and inventory turns as well as help their retailer buyers and planners better understand what products are selling and where, and how they send the right products to the right stores week after week. 

Join Krunchbox Country Manager, Doug Murless on July 8th at 11 AM/EST, along with his colleague Ryan Smits, and special CHHMA/COPA guests and see how to give your retailers’ POS data 2020 vision. 

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(As a webinar bonus, Doug and Ryan will be announcing the details of a new and exclusive Krunchbox member program where your company could receive up to $5,000 in Krunchbox services for FREE.)  

About Krunchbox:

Krunchbox is the exclusive partner for Point-of-Sale data analytics at the CHHMA and COPA and is actively working with a number of our members.  Krunchbox helps members best analyze their point-of-sale data to optimize inventory, increase internal and external collaboration, and drive incremental sales. From set up to troubleshooting and ongoing consultancy, Krunchbox provides the insights suppliers need to make the right sales and inventory decisions every time. 

About Doug:

Doug is the Canadian Country Manager and VP of Business Development, North America at Krunchbox. (although he only gets paid for one title) and is actively engaged in all the member’s Krunchbox programs to ensure they are getting the ongoing results they need. 

Doug has spent the past 20 years working in the CPG, retail customer experience, and technology sector with the last 3 years spent launching Krunchbox in Canada and North America. 

About Ryan: 

Ryan is the VP of Business Development, North America, and has resided in Dallas since 2018. Before moving to Dallas, Ryan was responsible for launching Kruncbox to the retail supplier community in his native country of New Zealand. Coming from an industrial supply and retail background Ryan aims to build the Krunchbox business in North America and help his customer’s operate more efficiently. While Ryan is working on his Canadian accent you will quickly tell he is not from here but he has been actively involved with the CHHMA Krunchbox programs.