As restrictions begin to lift in Ontario, businesses are looking at how they get back to a new normal. The Provincial government and related health organizations have cautioned that organizations, workers and the general public must remain vigilant as COVID-19 is not yet behind us. At least for the time being, the world will not look the same. How do you ensure that your organization is ready to open and what steps should you take as your business ramps up?

Join us for this webinar presentation for CHHMA & COPA members on July 7th at 10:00 a.m. EST as we talk about government guidelines and recommendations that employers need to know. We will provide tips and considerations to help employers plan for, think about and implement best practices for reopening and operating as business realities adjust to this changed landscape.

The webinar will discuss the following important topics:

• Recalling employees back to work – working remotely versus physically

• Obligations with respect to providing a safe environment for employees

• Government guidelines for businesses as they reopen the economy

• Human resources considerations for managing in a COVID-19 era

Your Host: Darci Taylor, Principal & CEO, HR Compass

With over 18 years of national and international leadership experience, Darci is a progressive Human Resources consultant. Her background includes working with professional services firms, not-for-profit organizations, retail enterprises, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and creative agencies. Darci has a proven track record helping organizations and business leaders evolve their unique organizational or individual challenges into meaningful and strategic ideas, solutions and results.* The expertise offered in this webinar will bring a federal perspective to issues, but specific HR items will focus on Ontario provincial standards. Members will still find information useful regardless of their province, but it is highly recommended to consult your own provincial standards before enacting new policies and decisions.

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