Existing CHPTA Peer Groups – Is Your Company Benefiting?

One of the most valuable benefits of CHPTA membership can be the information obtained from the Association’s peer networking groups such as our current CORE (senior executives), SMART (senior sales & marketing managers), HR and Logistics groups. Members can discuss industry issues and best practices every 8 weeks via Zoom (and occasionally in-person) in a friendly, non-competitive environment facilitated by a CHPTA representative.

On occasion, outside experts can be brought in to present or provide information on a specific topic. Participating members have found these meetings to be highly valuable, and a great way to network with industry peers plus the industry knowledge learned could save your company thousands of dollars each year!

New Environmental Affairs Group/Committee

Given the growing number of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Programs across the country as well as new Government of Canada regulations in development on plastics covering minimum recycled content, recyclability/compostability labelling rules, the introduction of a new Federal Plastics Registry and the banning of certain materials, the CHPTA is setting up a new Environmental Affairs Peer Group to help member companies share information and keep informed on these various initiatives as well as help the Association draft stakeholder feedback when required to the various governments and environmental bodies involved.

If you and/or other colleagues within your company would like to participate in this group via online meetings, please see the contact info below.

Sign-Up Now

If you are interested in joining any of these groups or would like further information on the peer group programs, please contact Michael Jorgenson at mjorgenson@chpta.ca, 416-282-0022 ext.134.

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