Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated by the minute, with remote work environments introducing new breeds of cyberattacks. When your employees are the first line of defense, security awareness training will help them understand the severity of the threats they face. Employees are human and they’re bound to make mistakes. Human error, weak passwords, improper data storage, sharing devices, falling for phishing emails – the list goes on. Regular security awareness training can provide them the skills they need to make the right decisions. Security awareness training can reduce the impact of a cyberattack by more than 70%. When security awareness training is implemented, the costs of disinfecting workstations and remediating malware / ransomware attacks goes down dramatically. Many insurances now are requiring to show proof of Cyber Security Awareness Training in order to be insured.

Make sure your employees are equipped with the cybersecurity training they need!

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The CHPTA is pleased to have partnered with E-Tech for our members, one of the world’s 501 elite managed service providers, system support and information technology consulting firms.

E-Tech has been providing system support and information technology consulting services to their clients since 2005. They attribute their strength and success to their close working relationship with each and every one of their clients – regardless of size. They design their services specifically to help their clients succeed in today’s complex business environment, keeping in mind their client’s goals, objectives, and bottom lines. Since their inception, they have been establishing a strong bond with small to medium businesses and not-for-profits by delivering cyber security protection, website hosting services, IT support solutions, and website design services.

According to E-Tech, a managed service provider is perfect for a small or medium-sized business with limited in-house abilities, but have the resources to pay up-front costs. Over time, clients pay back a significant portion of this capital expenditure, with studies showing that MSPs can save customers 50% of their annual IT costs.

Ian Evans, President & CEO of E-Tech. The members and companies working with CHPTA are top of their class, truly. We specialize in protecting businesses against cyber attacks, and if we can help even one company fight off cyber criminals, it will be a successful partnership!”

So, do yourself and your business a favour, sign up for this promotion opportunity or learn more about how they can support your IT and systems’ needs!

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