As part of our support for our members, the CHHMA has partnered with the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), a top provider of continuing education for the business sector. This is an exciting opportunity for our members to increase their businesses’ growth and effectiveness by investing in training at the individual and organizational levels.

SEEC, a strategic business unit of the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, knows that ongoing professional development is an essential part of the success of any organization. In today’s turbulent world, every professional and executive must be able to quickly develop and fine-tune personal business skills in order to adapt and grow.

SEEC Holds Virtual Fireside Chat Series with Experts on Leadership

Each day we are faced with uncertainty and disruption. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down in just a matter of months. Businesses have to be nimble and resilient to survive. With these new business challenges come new opportunities for your organization to transform and succeed.

Given the new world we live in, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) is pleased to present a series of virtual fireside chats: Leadership Lessons in Troubled Times. 

These free, 30-minute online events will feature thought leaders and influencers from top organizations across a variety of industries. The Zoom fireside chats are designed to be informal, engaging and interactive.

  • Each virtual fireside chat will start with a one-on-one interview where SEEC’s Executive Director, Alan Middleton, will interview the fireside chat speaker about his/her leadership style during uncertain times, strategies for managing remote teams, overcoming resistance to change and improving collaboration and stakeholder relations during a crisis
  • Half the session will be dedicated to participants asking the fireside chat speaker questions related to his/her leadership lessons in troubled times. Participant’s questions are submitted via the Zoom chat function directly to Alan Middleton, who will consolidate the questions to identify common themes, which he will then ask the fireside chat speaker
  • The 30-minute fireside chat will end with closing remarks from the fireside chat speaker. After the session, each participant will receive a SEEC thank you email, including a video recording of the virtual fireside chat for future reference or to share with colleagues

SEEC is delighted to host these industry experts as part of their virtual fireside chat speaker series. The executives will share their insights on leadership lessons learned and how they might apply to your business or organization.  

The next fireside chat is on the topic:

‘Leadership Lessons from COVID-19 Part Two: Road to Recovery’
Wednesday, Sept. 16: 11:30am – Noon (EDT)
Dr. Michael Gardam, Chief of Staff, Humber River Hospital

In Part 2 of his series, Dr. Gardam talks with SEEC Executive Director Alan Middleton about COVID-19: Road to Recovery. He will discuss the phased-in strategy of reopening businesses, schools, government offices as part of the next normal. What long-term impact will the pandemic and social distancing have on schools, hospitals, recreation, home and work? What measures will be in place for a second or third wave of coronavirus, how will various sectors adjust this year and next (airlines, manufacturing, education, restaurant, retail, convention, sports and entertainment), and are continued travel restrictions and self-isolation a possibility until a vaccine is developed?

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Virtual Classroom Schedule for Program Courses

As the COVID-19 pandemic has grown and evolved, York University and the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) has kept the safety and well-being of students, staff and faculty at the heart of all its decisions. As of March 16, 2020, SEEC suspended all face-to-face instruction until further notice. They have either offered an on-line version or transferred participants to the next session of the program.

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Discounts for CHHMA Members

CHHMA members benefit from a 10% discount off on any program (The CHHMA discount code is CHHMA18). In addition, any member who takes one virtual classroom program can get 50% off for the second virtual one. The participant can apply 50% off to his/her own next virtual classroom program or bring in a friend/colleague who only needs to pay