Alan Kennedy, SEEC Instructor, presented a dynamic model of strategy for strategic and business planning in a webinar for CHPTA and COPA members on February 25, 2021. 

The model is based on two things: the definition of strategy as a choice of action, and research showing there are eight strategies common to for-profit, nonprofit, and public sector organizations. Research also reveals that the eight strategies are organized into three types: the Alpha or single dominant strategy of the organization; the Influencers which are those three strategies that guide and constrain implementation of the Alpha; and the remaining four Enablers.

Using that model, he showed how the strategy system differs in various organizations. For example, a bank would typically have the Financial Management strategy as Alpha while a typical retailer would have the Marketing/Sales strategy as Alpha. A question asked at the webinar was “Where does vision fit in this model?” His answer was “Vision is a description of the outcome of successful pursuit of the Alpha over a long period of time”.

This model creates a simple but highly informative starting point for development and discussion of strategic planning and can be used to present a powerful one-page visual which clearly communicates strategic direction to organizational stakeholders.

Dynamic Strategic and Business Planning Program

If you could benefit from using this dynamic model to produce superior strategy decisions and implementation across your organization, join Alan on his upcoming Schulich Executive Education Centre program, Dynamic Strategic and Business Planning (Online, July 19 – 21, 2021). 

During this “hands-on” workshop featuring strategy simulations, participants will receive a comprehensive collection of planning templates and have the opportunity to work on their own strategic issues and receive feedback. 

Date: July 19 – 21, 2021
Location: Virtual
Fees: $3250 *

CE Credits:
24 PDU – PMI Strategic
21 HRPA – CPD Hours

*CHPTA members will receive a special discounted rate on this, and other open enrolment programs with SEEC. 

Click the link for more details and register today.