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On April 6th, Purolator President and CEO, John Ferguson released a public message to provide details on the steps Purolator has been taking to continue to serve customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a summary of the message:

Health and safety matters more than anything.
This is a battle being fought by our employees on the frontlines, every day. Since we started planning on day one, our first mission was to focus on their health and safety. Protecting the wellness of our people plays a direct role in safeguarding our customers, and everyone who does business with us. We’ve outfitted our frontline employees with hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and gloves, with more protective supplies on their way. We’ve also stepped up physical distancing and sanitation efforts across our terminal and retail networks. As I’m sure you know, there’s a massive global shortage of sanitation supplies, like hand sanitizer. Our procurement team has literally scoured the globe and put forward a herculean effort to get them to our people.

Healthcare needs are priority.
We’re prioritizing healthcare shipments to flatten the curve. We’ve partnered with leading healthcare organizations to deliver COVID-19 testing kits and advanced diagnostics equipment. This will help the federal government accelerate progress towards its testing goals. We’ve also re-tooled our network to make sure critical medical treatments for chronic diseases make it to their destinations quickly without interruption. Some of these treatments have a shelf life of 36 hours. Speed, safety and reliability matter!

We’re open for business to serve you, 24/7.
We’re designated an essential service. We take this commitment seriously. That means our 12,000 employees will always give their all to keep goods flowing and our economy moving, safely, seven days a week. Before this crisis, we described our work as “promises delivered.” That’s exactly what we’re doing in this time of need. 

We’ll remain a strong company you can rely on. We were in a strong position coming into this crisis, backed by a solid balance sheet. Thankfully we planned and pivoted early. But this is a very dynamic situation and we’re doing our best to keep our business on track.

We’re listening, and we hear you.
As much as we’re listening and responding to your needs, you have also been listening and responding to ours. We’ve heard all of your kind words recognizing the importance of our frontline essential workers. From messages of thanks and gestures of kindness, to giving our employees places to wash their hands and eat a meal while out on the road – your support and gratitude keeps them motivated to keep going. Thank you.

I firmly believe how Purolator manages this situation will define our future – and our future relationships with all of our customers. We will weather this storm, together! And as a result, we will emerge stronger, more innovative, and better connected to one another for years to come.

I look forward to keeping you up to date,
John Ferguson
President and CEO
Purolator Inc.