RONA inc. has announced a revamped business positioning, a series of new programs aimed at improving the profitability of its dealers, and a renewed brand image to support the ambition of becoming the strongest dealer network in the country. These announcements were made on November 30 and December 1, during RONA Connexia, an event featuring conferences and an exclusive buying show for the dealers.

“Our network of affiliated dealers is an integral part of RONA’s growth strategy and a key priority for our organization. Following the completion of in-depth market analysis and consultations with RONA dealers, we revised our overall offer so that dealers can dominate their markets,” says Andrew Iacobucci, President and CEO of RONA inc.

“Over the past few months, we’ve taken many actions to make our organization stronger, and now it’s our dealers’ turn to benefit from them. I’m proud of our great network, and I know we now have what it takes to be the best banner for dealer owners in Canada. Together, we have the strength, the energy, and the financial resources to increase our network’s footprint in Canada,” says Jean-Sébastien Lamoureux, senior vice-president, RONA Affiliated Dealers and Public Affairs.

Renewing in a fast-changing market

A new identity designed exclusively for RONA’s affiliated dealers was announced at the event. The signage outside of the stores and the brand elements inside were reviewed. This new identity will promote the entrepreneurial side of the dealers while capitalizing on the notoriety of the RONA brand.

“RONA is a strong brand that has been serving Canadians for nearly 85 years. With this modernized brand image, we wanted to capitalize on this asset, all while highlighting the uniqueness of our dealers and the close ties they have with their communities by personalizing their signage. The value of proximity, their unique history, and their community spirit resonate with consumers, and we wanted to maximize the impact of these important differentiators for the entrepreneurs in our network,” explains Catherine Laporte, Vice-President, Marketing at RONA inc.

Source: Rona