SamaN is pleased to announce that starting September 1, 2020, LM2 Marketing will expand its sales and marketing representation to the province of Quebec in order to service the hardware, paint and flooring retailers as well as distributors. LM2 will then serve all of Eastern Canada for SamaN (Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces).

Innovative and Sustainable Finishing Products

SamaN is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in the development and manufacturing of finishing and maintenance products for all your woodwork.  For over 20 years, the company stands out because of its innovative and environmental vision which offers a majority of water based products made for various DIY projects while being risk free for the users, pets and the environment.  Their products are distributed in all Canadian provinces and more than 40 US states because of a dedicated sales and distribution team.  Go to 

Sales, Marketing, Merchandising solutions

Founded in 1993, LM2 Marketing Inc. is a commercial agency that offers sales representation and marketing solutions in the hardware products, auto parts and construction channels across Canada. For more information, visit