This is a reminder that Ontario Blue Box producers are required to report their 2021 supply data to RPRA and pay the associated 2022 program fee (not the recycling fees but the fees for operating RPRA) by October 31, 2022. This data will be used to calculate their 2023 management requirement.

Producers can report through RPRA’s online Registry which opened earlier this month.

What do producers need to report?

Producers must complete the following when reporting:

  • Confirm if their revenue is above or below the $2 million threshold
  • Provide 2021 supply data in each of the seven material categories
    • Beverage container, glass, flexible plastic, rigid plastic, metal, paper, and certified compostable products and packaging
  • Provide, if applicable, any deductions
  • Provide a list of the brands that make up their 2021 supply data 
  • Newspaper producers will need to identify what percentage their newspaper supply counts towards their total Blue Box materials supplied
  • Pay the associated 2022 program fee

Resources to help you prepare for reporting:

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, send RPRA an email at or call 1-833-600-0530 to speak to the Compliance and Registry Team