The 51st CHHMA Annual General Meeting was held online for the first time ever this past Tuesday, June 2nd, via Zoom.  Participating members first heard from CHHMA Chairman Peter Laing (Recochem) who welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order while then handling some of the AGM procedures and motion votes.  He indicated that the 2020 Nominating Committee felt in best to keep the Board of Directors in place as is, due to the COVID-19 situation, and not fill an open position at this time.  Next CHHMA Treasurer Steve Barker (IPEX) and Director/Finance Committee member André Hudon (Innovak Group) reviewed the 2019 financials, key objectives and challenges facing the Association.  Although, the CHHMA has experienced losses over the past several years, the association remains a very healthy organization with a solid balance sheet.  Nevertheless, the association wants to improve the annual financial results moving forward. 

Part of the plans to improve results and grow the association in the future involves a rebranding of the organization to be more inclusive and appealing to even more companies who provide household-related products and services in the Canadian marketplace.  Director/Chair of the Rebranding Committee Gerry Lubanszky (Garant) summarized the reasons for refocusing and the new direction that the association would like to take including a new proposed name/URL and tag line:  Canadian Household Products Trade Association (, Market Intelligence – Sales Reach – Professional Development. There is still be lots of work to be done before implementing the new strategy fully but the work is commencing and the association is looking for more members to participate in the process, so please reach out to CHHMA staff if you would like to join the Committee.      

CHHMA President Sam Moncada then discussed some of the newer programs that the association has in place to help members save money and/or grow their sales.  Sam also talked about some of the upcoming events such as the June 9 webinar presentation by Doug Anderson of Peavey, and the Economic Outlook by the CM&E’s Alan Arcand that will take place on June 16. Chairman Peter Laing then closed the AGM.  We would like to thank all the members who took the time to participate in the AGM and to those who serve on our board and various committees.