On October 12th, CHPTA and COPA members participated in a webinar by affiliate member and service program partner Schooley Mitchell (the cost reduction experts) that covered topics dealing with the benefits of employee wellness, how to effectively engage with customers in the omni-channel marketplace and how to create financially balanced engagement within your business.

On hand to present were Leah Epstein Armstrong of eLifestyle, Ian Cantle of Outsourced Marketing and Stephan Lafreniere of Schooley Mitchell.  


Leah Epstein Armstrong – www.elifestyle.ca

Leah is a dynamic Wellness Culture Catalysts and Executive Wellness Expert who provides leading organizations with on-demand preventative eWellness solutions for a thriving work culture. Having over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, in 2004 Leah Epstein Armstrong founded eLifestyle with a passion and commitment to move a seemingly one-size-fits-all fitness industry forward. She also co-founded eLifestyle Health Advocates in 2016 – a not-for-profit organization aimed at obesity prevention among demographics who experience higher rates of food and health insecurity.

Through canfitpro, Leah is certified a Personal Trainer Specialist, Tai Chi Instructor, a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Yoga Exercise Specialist and holds a variety of other certifications. Leah’s latest fitness-related achievement was winning top-3 Finalist for the canfitpro Fitness Professional of The Year 2022.

Ian Cantle – https://www.outsourcedmarketing.ca

Ian Cantle brings 20 years of marketing experience in Fortune 500, manufacturing, healthcare, and loyalty companies. He now brings his passion for marketing systems, strategies, and producing powerful results to his clients through his award-winning marketing agency, Outsourced Marketing Inc. Most recently they were named a Canadian National Excellence Award Winner for service delivery.

Stephan Lafreniere – www.schooleymitchell.com/slafreniere

Stephan Lafreniere is an insight driven senior executive with a track record of success in developing and implementing strategies and tactics to drive profits within the retail industry. Stephan has held progressively senior roles within the planning, merchandising, and branding disciplines at iconic Canadian retailers including Canadian Tire Corporation, Hudson’s Bay Company, Loblaw Companies Ltd., and Sears Canada Inc.

In 2021 Stephan joined Schooley Mitchell which is the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America, with offices from coast-to-coast in the United States and Canada. On average, we reduce essential business service expenses by 28% and have delivered over $540 million in documented savings to our clients to date. Stephan is passionate about saving money for his clients and helping them grow their business. Schooley Mitchell delivers expertise to companies of all sizes from all industries, offering a broad range of services.

The webinar started with a talk by Leah about why focusing on employee wellness drives engagement & reduces costs including addressing the 3 work models of (1) work from home, (2) the hybrid model and (3) the fully resume in-person role.  This information pointed out the costs to companies due to workers who are disengaged and uninvolved.  Leah then discussed strategies and steps that can be taken to improve wellness in the workplace leading to higher productivity.  

Leah has an upcoming report called “The Cost to Your Organization By Not Having an Employee Wellness Program”.  For your copy, you can send her an email: leah@elifestyle.ca

The webinar continued with a presentation by Ian Cantle of Outsourced Marketing who talked about how client/customer engagement has changed and how customers have changed.  At the core is the situation where the customer is at centre and they are more in control then ever before.  Ian reviewed the omni-channel approach and what today’s buyers are looking for from suppliers as well as key internal challenges to omni-channel for suppliers to deal with.  He concluded with the need to develop an integrated marketing system starting with a strategic marketing plan.

In the final presentation, Schooley Mitchell’s Stephan Lafreniere spoke of creating financially balanced engagement within your company by the need to identify expenses within your business which are not contributing to engagement and helping to differentiate your brand and/or company and therefore are areas where effective cost savings can be achieved.  

We would like to thank Leah, Ian and Stephan once again for their time and insights which they passed onto our members and please feel free to reach out to them with any further questions you may have.