On October 6th, members had the opportunity to hear from Cortney Hayhurst and Carsten Clancy of Ebury Partners Canada during a webinar put on by CHPTA and COPA.  The interactive session provided helpful information on how Canadian companies can mitigate rises in interest rates in order to increase working capital, maintain their margins and fuel growth.

Cortney Hayhurst is a FX and Trade Finance Specialist from Ebury Partners Canada. She is a Lazaridis School of Business and Economics alumni with experience in finance and consulting. Cortney is a lead contact for partnerships to help simplify international trade.

Carsten Clancy is a FX and Trade Finance Sales Team Lead at Ebury Partners Canada. A Rotman Commerce alumni, Carsten has extensive experience in finance, consulting, and operations. He is known as a key contact for trade finance solutions for international businesses.

Ebury Partners Canada has offices in Toronto and Vancouver to serve its Canadian clients in providing tailored international payment and currency solutions.  Worldwide, the company has over 49,000 clients across 21 countries.  Ebury Canada can provide its clients the attention and services of a smaller financial firm with the backing of Europe’s largest bank.  Ebury Partners Canada is owned by Santander Bank.

During the presentation, Cortney and Carsten addressed factors behind the Bank of Canada’s rate increases while also touching upon other key challenges that importers/exporters deal with including supply chain problems, FX volatility, seasonality and maximized credit that can erode company’s profits.  They then discussed ways that Ebury Canada can manage these challenges including some case studies.  Our speakers then responded to a number of questions from the audience and finished with an outlook on some key economic data that will impact market volatility.

We would like to thank Cortney and Carsten for their excellent presentation and for taking the time to speak to our members.  We look forward to conducting future webinars with Ebury over the coming months.

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