I would like to thank our CHPTA members for your continued participation and enthusiasm in our Association. Your loyalty and commitment to our industry community is greatly appreciated.

There were many successes over the past year for CHPTA, particularly with the return of more in-person networking and educational events to compliment the numerous virtual learning opportunities that continue to be offered.

In addition, the Association was excited to introduce new business services and cost savings programs for members during the year with more to follow in 2024 including e-training through the HOPcampus.ca platform, special offers on POS analysis and reporting as well as transportation logistics support to name a few.  New market intelligence reports are in the works for the New Year too.  The CHPTA offers many programs and resources, often with exclusive savings for member companies, which we hope you will explore and take advantage of if you have not already.

Our goal remains to assist all our members with achieving their financial and business goals.

As new challenges arise for the industry, the CHPTA is here to help our members navigate through those complexities by representing and being a voice for their concerns, by continuing to educate and keep members aware of changes and new opportunities as well as deliver on solutions to help members succeed both individually and corporately.  The CHPTA looks forward to continuing to offer important value for our members.

A big thank you goes out to all our Program Providers for their incredible support and a special shout-out of appreciation to our Board of Directors for their vital input and guidance on behalf of the CHPTA – thank you all!!

Finally, I would like to wish all our members, and all of you reading this newsletter, a joyful Holiday Season and much success in the New Year!

Your CHPTA President,
Sam Moncada