Peavey Industries LP has announced that they are repositioning their two flagship retail banners into one, with the conversion of TSC Stores, located solely in Ontario, into Peavey Mart stores.

Both TSC Stores and Peavey Mart have provided invaluable service and a unique blend of products to their equally unique and valued customer base for decades. The relationship between a farm and ranch retailer and their customer is a combination of business, home, hobby and leisure. With this change, Peavey Industries LP seeks to provide a single hallmark for their customers across Canada to identify with as they strive to enhance their relationships, reinforcing and adjusting as they drive to assure a consistent, positive experience with each visit. Converting TSC Stores to Peavey Mart stores fortifies their commitment to their loyal customers.

Work will begin immediately on tangible modifications at their TSC Stores brick and mortar locations, with this and all additional facets of the process expected to be finalized in February 2021. By that time, the Peavey Mart brand will be fully represented in all stores and in all other aspects of their retail presence, including flyers and online. will continue to be available and functioning as usual until such time that it is transitioned to over the course of the encompassing conversion.

Doug Anderson, President and CEO of Peavey Industries LP, is enthusiastic about the change, stating that “We are eager to move forward with this conversion, strengthening our corporate brand while further streamlining our internal processes… Peavey Industries first purchased controlling interest in 2016, and later fully acquired TSC Stores LP at the end of 2017. Throughout this course, a vision was formed to create a focused, delineated organization – a ‘company of one’. Having recently achieved this with the completed integration of our programs, departments, services, operating systems, and ongoing product alignment, it makes sense for our next action to be the combining of these two major retail entities into a single national brand.”

Combining the two banners will create an aggregate 89-store-strong Peavey Mart retail body. Peavey Industries is proud of the Peavey Mart brand’s integrity and strength in Canada and realize this level of recognition has developed because of the bonds they have cultivated.

“The marketing and communications benefits are immense,” Jest Sidloski, VP Marketing, Customer Experience and eCommerce says, “when considering the opportunity to streamline our marketing programs and resources. With a single, recognized and undiluted brand, our messaging can be refined, increasing our ability to reach, communicate and engage effectively with our customers on a more profound level across all mediums we employ – flyers, online, social media, radio as well as other proven channels.”

Peavey Industries LP is honoured to be designated “Canada’s Largest Farm & Ranch Retailer” and they recognize the vital role their customers play in their success. They are rooted in the communities they serve and value the relationships that their employees have built across the country. Their customer and community focus remains at the centre of their core efforts while they implement this conversion; therefore, minimal disruption and inconvenience is anticipated at TSC Stores for their customers visiting in-store or online, throughout this transition to Peavey Mart. 

Source: Peavey Industries LP