We are pleased to share that CHPTA’s Monthly Business Conditions Report is now available! This strategic business report outlines current and evolving trends in the Canadian marketplace.

“Our industry covers a wide range of products and services, so we have chosen categories and information that reflects that diversity,” noted association President, Sam Moncada. “By that nature, not every category will be relevant to every member so it will be up to them to extract the information relevant to their situation. What we are doing is provide the tools that will allow them to do that.” 

The Monthly Business Conditions Report will assist CHPTA members to:

  • Evaluate pricing/costs against market.
  • Support contract negotiations and price escalation. 
  • Create realistic marketing strategies and business plans.
  • Control spending, evaluate sales, and set performance criteria

The first instalment covers the 12 months between November 2022 and October 2023. This report is broken into two segments: Business Conditions and Pricing. Going forward it will be a monthly report. 

To download a copy of the report please contact Michael Jorgenson. He can be reached via email at mjorgenson@chpta.ca.