On November 7th, CHPTA members were able to hear from HR consultant Viki Scott once again as her latest webinar entitled “The “New Normal” Workplace discussed what employers need to know about managing long COVID cases and claims in the workplace.

Viki first reviewed some data from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) on the number of COVID claims that the province has seen over the past 3 years – allowed claims still remains pretty high in 2022 (17,831 to the end of September). COVID is considered an occupational disease claim.  She then discussed updates the WSIB has made to Occupational Disease Policy, Adverse Affect Policy and Occupational Stress Injuries/PTSD Policies.  Next, Viki went over the process and requirements in regards to COVID case reporting (yes, companies should still be doing this) under the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act.

Viki’s presentation then switched to Return to Work and Workplace Accommodation obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code, AODA and Occupational Health & Safety Act where there have been updates made to deal with COVID cases.  She pointed out what policies companies should have in place as well as how firms can handle work refusal situations.

The final part of Viki’s talk dealt with post-COVID syndrome and long-COVID and accommodating impacted employees in the workplace.  She finished with a list of steps companies should take to ensure they are best set up to deal with COVID cases and other potential future type illnesses.

We would like to thank Viki once again for taking the time to talk to our members and her thorough information and resources that she passes onto our senior and HR managers throughout the year.

About the Speaker

Viki Scott

 Viki Scott is the President and Principal Consultant & Chief Lobbyist of Scott & Associates Inc. Since 2005, Viki has managed a successful National Consulting Firm which provides solutions to Canadian-based companies with a concentration in Labour Management Relations, Conflict Risk ManagementOccupational Health and Safety, Human Rights, Workplace Investigations, Organizational Development and Effectiveness, Business Continuity Planning and General Business Advisory Services.

Viki has an extensive history with both the public and private sectors, primarily in unionized environments. She has led significant change management initiatives for major public, not for profit and private sector organizations. She has particular expertise in labour management relations, with both employer and union sided experience, and has been successful in introducing workplace interest-based consensus models for managing identified areas of conflict. She has established a reputation for the effective work she has led resulting from her Transformative Mediation skills she brings to the parties for resolving conflict.


Meanwhile, on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. ET, Viki Scott will be conducting another webinar via Zoom, free for CHPTA Members, that will address recent legislation in Ontario related to the “Working for Workers Act” which deals with issues such as the right for workers to disconnect or what are employers allowed to do in regards to electronic monitoring of their employees?  Find out what your company needs to know to be compliant!

HR & Senior Managers: Is Your Company Compliant?

There are changes affecting your people management; find out what your responsibilities are and how to get into compliance. This seminar will cover:

Bill 27 – “Working for Workers Act” – 2021

  • Mandatory Right to Disconnect
  • Prohibition on Non-Compete Clauses

Bill 88 – “Working for Workers Act” – 2022 (changes to the ESA; OH&SA; Regulated Professionals and Compulsory Trades Act)

  • Written Electronic Monitoring Policies
  • Minimum Standards for Digital Platform Workers
  • Construction Sites, Other Workplaces at Risk of Opioid Overdoses – Naloxone Kits and Training
  • Reservist Leave
  • Increase penalties – OH&SA

Join us on November 29th!
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