The CHPTA is conducting a number of online information sessions over the coming weeks and months which will highlight valuable programs and resources that the Association offers for members.  These 20-minute presentations from program partners will address key issues impacting companies in the industry and offer insights and solutions to help members better understand and deal with these every day business factors.   A number of these programs offer exclusive savings for members as well.

Typical sessions will involve two presentations from two separate member program partners and take place between 11:00 a.m. and 11:50 a.m. ET.

The first of these sessions took place earlier this week on Tuesday, July 13, with presentations from program partners SGS Canada Inc. & Krunchbox.

Dennis Lancion, Connectivity & Products Technical Manager – Hardlines for SGS Canada Inc., provided an overview on Health Canada’s approach in enforcing the general prohibitions under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) and what Health Canada considers when evaluating if a consumer product is a danger to human health or safety.  Dennis explained that a number of regulations are covered under the CCPSA but also the process for being compliant with the Act if products that you manufacture or import are not covered by existing Canadian regulations.  In addition, he reviewed the general responsibilities and expectations that Health Canada has for manufacturers & importers of consumer products and what our members should be doing on a regular basis to ensure their products are safe.

SGS Canada Inc. is part of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification operation. They are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 97,000 employees, they operate a network of more than 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world including an office in Mississauga, Ontario.  As the leader in providing specialized business solutions that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk, they help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world. Their independent services add significant value to their customers’ operations and ensure business sustainability.

Given the supply chain challenges that continue to hamper the marketplace, the second presentation by Doug Murless, General Manager, North America for Krunchbox, was a very timely and useful discussion on how to use POS and inventory data to best allocate limited inventory to stores that need product the most while keeping all your retailers happy.  In particular, Doug focused on the key information needed and the calculations that can be done to help vendors make those important decisions and most effectively allocate their inventory and keep their customers’ shelves stocked even during these difficult times.

Krunchbox is a simple to use, cloud-based business intelligence tool designed to help vendors and their retailers collaborate around point-of-sale (POS) data and make more effective inventory decisions. Krunchbox is excited to offer members a 50/50-member discount program.  As a member, your organization will now be eligible to receive a 50% discount off your program setup fee (a $1,250 savings) and a 50% discount off your first 3-months subscription (a $2,250-$7-500 saving) of the Krunchbox POS analytics platform.

Meanwhile, the next Member Program Information Session via Zoom is taking place on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 11:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. ET and will include presentations from Benefits Architect Group and HRdownloads. 

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 Presentation #1, 11:00 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. ET, Benefits Architect Group (Nigel Ottley)

 Topic: Latest Trends in Employee Group Benefits

In this session, Nigel Ottley, from Benefits Architect Group, will discuss some key trends that have arisen in the group insurance industry which will be impacting employee benefit plans:

1. COVID – 19 is here to stay

All indications point to COVID – 19 being a major factor affecting the Group Insurance industry in 2021 and beyond.  While some of these impacts are unclear, here are some things we are already seeing:

  • Increasing adoption of telehealth and telemedicine services
  • Mental health’s impact on employees and the workplace
  • Changes to benefit plans
  • Potential impact on renewals
  • Work from home arrangements and the growing gig economy
  • We’re starting to see individuals who had a mild infection developing significant neurological and cardiac issues and these “Long Haulers” are becoming additional causes of disability claims with attendant medication and health support

2. Defined Contribution plans will rise in popularity

With more and more employees working from home, traditional plan designs will be challenged by a desire for greater flexibility from both plan members and employers.  The increased adoption of defined contribution plans such as Health Care Spending Accounts is on the horizon.  Because these options have defined limits, employees can reduce increases in future premiums.

3. Renewed focus on renewing and updating benefit plans

They expect to see 2021 and 2022 bring a renewed focus on analysing and reviewing benefit plans and a continuation of updates to existing plan designs as workplaces aim not only to accommodate work from home but increasing mental health claims, drug uptake, paramedicals and more. They have seen increased LTD claims, drugs for anxiety and depression and claims for paramedicals increase.  There is a very real possibility that Long Term Disability may disappear in the next 5 to 10 years.

Benefits Architect Group is a Canadian-owned innovative leader specializing in multi-product insurance and financial services for over 30 years. Their group benefits, retirement and executive benefits plans are specifically designed and tailored for mid-to-large size companies, as well as small businesses, associations and not-for profit organizations across Canada.  Their Custom Blueprint Program™ allows them to deliver “best-in-class” range of insurance and financial products, innovative funding and technology together with world class claims and administration services that addresses the unique needs of their clients.

Presentation #2, 11:30 a.m. – 11:50 a.m. ET, HRdownloads (Ryan Van Horne)

Topic: Beyond Burnout: COVID Fatigue in the Workplace

 In this session, Ryan Van Horne, Marketing Manager at HRdownloads, will discuss how employees are experiencing pandemic-related burnout faster and harder than ever which is negatively affecting their jobs, health, and lives. While the pandemic has been ongoing for over a year now, that does not mean things have gotten any easier for employees or their managers. Job-related stress can lead to general burnout, but the constant changes to public health measures, as well as isolation and overall uncertainty during the pandemic, have compounded the stress, leading to a different type of burnout.

COVID fatigue is something that can affect all levels of employees in any work environment. In this webinar, we help you understand what is causing increased stress and burnout during this stage in the pandemic, and guide you through ways to manage stress and support mental health in these challenging times.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Recognizing the signs of burnout and COVID fatigue;
  • Understanding the cause of burnout and identifying factors that can increase stress;
  • How different types of workers are uniquely affected; and
  • How you can help your employees manage COVID fatigue.

HRdownloads is a Canadian based online platform that helps companies with their HR functions including live HR advice and support, employee training, creating job descriptions, undertaking surveys, and providing access to thousands of HR documents, templates, compliance resources and articles.   And even better, CHPTA & COPA members can take advantage of a 10% discount!

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