CHPTA and COPA’s online learning event Making Waves will now take place in January-February 2022. The event will follow the same format and keep its talented line-up of speakers. 

Janice Gross Stein will start things off on January 13, 2022 with a keynote address on the Post-Pandemic New Normal for the Canada-U.S. Relationship. Speakers will continue presenting into mid-February on Tuesday or Thursday each week. So far, CHPTA has lined up nine speakers to address ten different topics that we know will make a difference in your business. 

“The CHPTA and COPA event planning team has been working very hard on this event, focusing primarily on getting an outstanding list of professionals and experts who can speak directly to the challenges and opportunities facing our industry,”states CHPTA President Sam Moncada. 

“I understand that we all may be experiencing some ‘Zoom fatigue’, but this online format has made it possible for our members to access highly regarded expertise at a very affordable rate,” continued Moncada. “We want every single one of our members to get this information because we know it will make a difference in how they approach key decision-making in these very uncertain times.” 

A full conference pass for CHPTA members is $300.00 and provides access to all 10 sessions, as well as any new sessions that may be added later on. If you prefer, you can also register for individual sessions which are $75 or $150 per person. 

If you need assistance registering, please contact Pam Winter Otherwise, you can register online for the Full Conference Pass or individual speakers by visiting the event page.


The topics that will be covered during this amazing event are:

  1. The Canada-U.S. Relationship: The Post-Pandemic Normal (Janice Stein)
  2. Has COVID-19 Changed Change Management? (Jordan Berman)
  3. Planning for Disruption by Rethinking Your Supply Chain (Liza Amlani)
  4. Strategic Foresight for Emerging Technologies (Ramy Nassar)
  5. Moving Past (and learning from) the Crisis: Developing Your Company’s Future of Work Strategy (Barbara Larson)
  6. Build Sustainability and Inclusiveness into Your Organization’s Recovery Plan (Michel Shah)
  7. COVID-19 Impact on Mental Health for Small Business (Kart Vyas)
  8. Insights on Strategies for Businesses Facing Mental Health Impact (Kart Vyas)
  9. Moving Away From Solution Selling To Agile Sales (Sanjay Dhebar)
  10. 10.Customer Experience Excellence: The Strategic Business Imperative (Vafa Akhavan)

Don’t miss out; this event could be just what your business needs! Visit the Making Waves event page to register now and learn more about the speakers and topics. 


We have Sponsorship opportunities available as well. Full speaker sponsorships are $5,000 and include:

  • two full access pass, plus
  • two ticket valued at $150, or three tickets valued at $75 each
  • an additional discount of 15% on all other registrations

Co-sponsorship opportunities at $2,500 include:

  • one full access pass, plus
  • one ticket valued at $150, or two tickets valued at $75 each
  • an additional discount of 15% on all other registrations

A huge thank you to our event partners and sponsors so far:

  • ACCO Brands Canada
  • Fellowes Canada Inc.
  • Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University
  • Workplace Safety and Prevention Services Ontario