On October 15, 2020, M-D PRO opened registration for the PROVA Digital Product Knowledge Series to all within the building products, flooring trade and home renovation industries. What started as a private program for their immediate customer-base will now be available to anyone who wants to learn about a North American alternative solution for ceramic installation and waterproofing.

The marketing and technical teams at M-D PRO worked quickly to get a webinar series produced and launched for their flooring distributor customer base back in the spring amidst the COVID-19 quarantine. “This was a great opportunity to keep us in front of our customers despite the company-wide travel restrictions that were put in place. Many of our customers were shut down and their sales teams had an appetite for continued education and training,” shares Fredrik Olsson, V.P. of Sales, M-D PRO.

The M-D PRO marketing team took this time to review and refine the webinar process that was initially created. “This allowed us to test our webinar-hosting skills and formulate a soft launch for the newly-created series through the summer so we could work out the kinks and be ready for a mass audience,” says Melanie Duchak, Marketing & Events Coordinator, M-D Canada.

The PROVA Digital Product Knowledge Series is broken out into quick and easy-to-follow 20-minute modules that can be viewed on a lunch or coffee break. “We understand that a viewer or user will not get the full value of experience out of watching installation-based virtual training. That is something that needs to be done in a physical setting where the user can be hands-on to get the true value from it. These days, many are working hard trying to get business back on track and we know that it may be unrealistic to expect users to allot 2-3 hours of their time to virtual installation-based training,” adds Julia Vozza, Director of Marketing, M-D Canada. 

M-D PRO has instead gone back to basics with PROVA product and technical knowledge to inform those that may not be familiar with the brand or the system and want to learn something new in a timely manner. “This series is meant to provide the specific and key differentiators of the PROVA system to educate a larger audience on what it can offer and how it can create efficiencies and cost-savings to the user,” Julia shares. “And we hope that these succinct modules will provide a level of convenience and satisfaction to users in today’s environment. We look forward to getting back to physical installation-based training when it is safe for us all to do so.” 

The series is moderated by Melanie Duchak, Marketing and Events Coordinator, M-D Canada and presented by Duane Farley, PROVA Technical and Installation Specialist, CDN as well as Mark Albonetti, PROVA Technical and Installation Specialist, U.S. The fall line-up also has some bonus content featuring special guest, Clint Watson of TileFreak, a tile enthusiast and influencer with over 20 years’ experience in the tile trade. The series concludes with an open Q&A session in late Fall titled “The Floor is Yours” where all 3 expert panelists will be ready to take on any and all questions related to PROVA, tile, installation, and the trade.

The Fall schedule is now live and registration open with dates through to mid-November. Those who attend the entire series will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 3 PROVA product prize packs, valued at $500 each. Winners will be announced at the end of the series in late November. 

Click here to register.

About M-D PRO:
M-D PRO, a division of M-D Building Products (formerly known as the Loxcreen Flooring Group), and a CHHMA member, provides the broadest range of Floor Covering & Building Accessories in the industry!  Their core business is a traditional line of aluminum and vinyl extruded floor transitional moldings that aid in a spectrum of installation challenges.

Through strategic partnerships and acquisitions over our 40 years in business, M-D PRO has remained committed to providing their customers with innovative product lines that include PROVA ceramic and stone tile installation accessories, M-D tools, DuPont & TOWER caulks and sealants. These growing product lines continue to complement their core line of trims for carpet, ceramic, laminate, vinyl, resilient and hardwood floors.

About M-D Building Products:
M-D Building Products, Inc. has a rich history of product development and manufacturing expertise. Beginning in 1920 as Macklanburg Duncan, the M-D story encompasses over 100 years of inventing and manufacturing products demanded by our customers. Their products are industry leaders or contend for industry leadership in the categories of weatherization, flooring tools, flooring accessories and digital levels.

M-D Building Products began in the weatherization and home sealing industry. While one of the nation’s oldest such companies, it continues to lead the weatherization industry in realizing better and more sustainable channels for more comfortable living. M-D is focused on creating a healthier environment and conserving our natural resources through all its complementary businesses: weatherization, flooring tools and accessories, digital levels, and engineer OEM products.