Through Logistics Solutions & Services Inc. (LSS), the CHHMA has established a logistics and transportation program that can help our members to reduce freight and distribution costs, improve service, and reduce transit times. Many CHHMA members have already taken advantage of this program. Over the 20+ years this program has been offered, the combined savings to our members is measured in the millions of dollars and growing.

CHHMA members can enjoy the best freight and courier rates available as a benefit of our program through LSS. LSS specializes in courier, LTL, Truckload and 3PL services within Canada and continues to meet the needs of the shipping public through strong and reliable distribution and logistics management consulting.

It all starts with accurate and informative benchmarking

For the past 24 years, LSS have provided considerable value to their clients by communicating current and comparative transportation rate structures based on volume, product type, modes and shipper/receiver requirements.

The rates you negotiate (without the wealth of their industry knowledge) may be too high. Without knowing what your competition is paying and what carriers are willing to settle for, you may not have the tools you need to get the best rates and service available…especially in these market conditions.

Change for the sake of change? Never! LSS respects the trust and relationships you have built with your carriers, but at LSS they can determine:

  • How rates compare with what your competition is paying
  • The bottom line that carriers will accept for the privilege of being your carrier
  • Current capacity requirements with key carriers and how to leverage this knowledge into better rates for you
  • Carrier costs and how to use that knowledge to your advantage
  • Proper negotiation, completion and implementation of carrier contracts that cover all the bases

LSS can save you money, time and increase efficiencies, while maintaining and improving service level performance.

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