Employers are challenged with the complexities of meeting their due diligence compliance for workplace accommodation and return to work obligations and reporting requirements in Ontario. What should they be looking for in assessing and minimizing their obligations as it relates to disability claims and how to manage their liability exposure? What are their legal obligations? What are employers allowed and not allowed to ask for from their employees and the employees’ physicians in support of meeting their obligations? What about Health and Safety risk factors?

These were the issues that members of the CHPTA HR Peer Group as well as other association members from CHPTA & COPA were able to get answers on at the latest Zoom webinar put on by HR consultant Viki Scott of Scott & Associates Inc. on the morning of June 19th.

Viki started with a review of the various legislative frameworks that are in play in regards to “employer” obligations in Ontario for accommodating employees from a return to work injury in general.  The discussion then switched to a focus more on addressing “mental illness/psychological disabilities” and what the duties and responsibilities are for employers in the accommodation process and important tips for respecting the rights of employees with psychological disabilities.  Viki provided some resources to help companies put plans into place to help deal with mental illness/psychological disabilities when they arise.

We would like to thank Viki once again for her time and valuable knowledge that she passed onto our members and we look forward to future presentations from Viki and her colleagues later in the year.  For further information on Scott & Associates Inc., click here.

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