On July 8th, CHHMA members had an opportunity to hear from one of the association’s most valuable service program partners – Krunchbox during a webinar put on for CHHMA and COPA members called “Stop Flying Blind – What Your POS Data Isn’t Telling You.”

Krunchbox is the exclusive partner for Point-of-Sale data analytics at the CHHMA and COPA and is actively working with a number of member companies. Krunchbox helps members best analyze their point-of-sale data to optimize inventory, increase internal and external collaboration, and drive incremental sales. From set up to troubleshooting and ongoing consultancy, Krunchbox provides the insights suppliers need to make the right sales and inventory decisions every time.

Handling the presentation was Doug Murless, Canadian Country Manager at Krunchbox as well as his colleague Ryan Smits, VP of Business Development, North America out of Dallas, Texas.  Before moving to Dallas in 2018, Ryan was responsible for launching Krunchbox to the retail supplier community in his native country of New Zealand.

Also participating in the webinar were a couple of employees from member companies of both associations who have been working with and benefiting from Krunchbox’s services – Mat Sargeant, National Account Manager, AGT DriCore and Justyna Toeppner, Marketing Manager, Zebra Pen.  

Doug first provided a brief overview of the company and it’s foundation in Australia about 14 years ago and the services that it provides.  He and Ryan then spoke a bit about their 2020 POS Analytics Benchmark Study and the key challenges which vendors identify – analyzing sales performance across different retailers being the most commonly mentioned and how Krunchbox can address those problems and benefit your company and your customers’ inventory and sales performance.  

Justyna and Mat were able to talk about how Krunchbox brings value to their organizations with the ease and speed of obtaining valuable information from numerous customers which can then be provided to key people throughout their companies as well as to their retail customers.  What could take 2 ½ weeks in the past can now take 2 ½ minutes with more accuracy ensured as well. This leads to better decision making, advertising effectiveness, inventory control and increased sales while helping their customers better manage their businesses. Field reps can even walk into individual stores with valuable information right on their phones to review with store managers!  Krunchbox’s tools have helped their companies understand better what is happening in the marketplace especially during this difficult time of COVID-19.  

Doug finished the presentation with an exclusive offer for CHHMA & COPA members (you can read more about the offer under the CHHMA NEWS article in this newsletter above): 

One free month of Krunchbox’s entire platform wich includes 50+ dashboards, 15+ reports (no set-up fee) – a $5,000 to $6,000 savings!!!

Limit of just 10 companies and expires July 31, 2020.

Check out the offer online at: https://go.krunchbox.com/chhma 

To sign-up or get further information, please reach out to Doug Murless at 416-689-9139 or dmurless@krunchbox.com