CHPTA member company Ideal Security proudly announced on April 4th that Liohn Sherer has been promoted to president of the company.  

With his efforts and expertise, Sherer aims to transform the 3rd generation of this family business from a vertically integrated model to a data driven manufacturer and supplier that efficiently serves its customers in an omnichannel environment.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Ideal Security has a long lineage dating back nearly 70 years. Founded by Jack Jospe in 1956, Ideal Security found its roots with manufacturing widely popular storm and screen door hardware across North America.  Eventually, Joe Jospe stepped in to fill his father’s shoes and introduced a great deal of adaptability to Ideal Security. While storm and screen door hardware remain as essential as it was during Ideal Security’s founding, Joe noticed that the home hardware industry was on the verge of entering a phase of advancement and change. In an effort to embrace innovation, Joe introduced a variety of products in categories ranging from specialty window and sliding door hardware to home security systems. 

Today, Ideal Security presses onward with developing and distributing innovative products such as the Ladder-Aide PRO while remaining true to its roots of storm door hardware. With its warehouse in Prescott, Ontario, and a fulfillment warehouse in Ogdensburg, New York, Ideal Security remains dedicated to serving the North American market with its variety of home hardware products.

This diversification and adaptability to the changing needs of customers was further refined and expanded upon by Sherer, who joined Ideal Security in 2016 as part of its Marketing and Business Development team. Of his thoughts on Ideal Security’s past and his vision for its future, Sherer had this to say in a company press release:

“Ideal has a long history of embracing change while maintaining a strong people-first culture. I believe that balance of flexibility and stability, held by Jack and Joe before me, has been the source of our success. My vision is for Ideal to be a cross-category hardware company with a strong presence in retail, OEM, and B2B markets.  I aim to get there by carrying on the tradition of changing parts of what we do and how we do it without changing who we are as a company or why we’re here.”

His ascent to leadership only comes after years of gaining valuable experience by pursuing passions, interests, and expanding upon his skillsets.

From humble beginnings as a freight forwarder and performance auditor for sustainable development, to optimizing internal systems and singlehandedly developing a marketing and sales strategy for an IT firm, Sherer has since worked across various departments both beyond and within Ideal Security to understand what makes a company come together. 

Of Sherer’s accomplishments and advancement to the position of president, Joe Jospe stated:

“Liohn has demonstrated the technical and leadership skills required to lead Ideal Security, as it faces the challenges and opportunities in a competitive market environment.”

By using his multifaceted personal and professional experiences, Sherer actively works to foster an environment of constant growth and learning across an un-siloed workspace. 

Through his efforts, the Ideal Security team finds itself under leadership that encourages solving problems and overcoming challenges through personal development, a sense of agency, and teamwork.

With bold steps being taken to usher Ideal Security into a future defined by progressive practices, the company confidently welcomes Sherer as president, and looks forward to seeing his company-wide vision through.