Cyberattacks are disrupting businesses and organizations across Canada and have become a top concern for IT and business executives. On average up to 10% of all cyberattacks on Canadian businesses were successful in the past 12 months, according to a survey of more than 500 IT security professionals.

CDW Canada has just released its 2023 Canadian Cybersecurity Study, the latest annual survey with IDC, to learn how organizations are combating cybersecurity threats and attempting to minimize their impact. Learn about the increasing risks organizations face from an ever-expanding threat landscape and the types of cyberattacks Canadian businesses are most vulnerable to. Visit the CDW Canada website to download a copy of the report. 

According to a new report from the law firm Blakes, the majority of Canadian companies hit by ransomware attacks do pay up — and those ransoms now cost businesses far more than in years past. Ransomware attacks occur when hackers use malware to break into companies’ IT systems, lock up or steal information and then demand a ransom payment for its return.

In the fourth edition of an annual report on cybersecurity trends, Blakes said it found that in 2022, two thirds of firms hit by ransomware attacks ultimately paid, up from 56 per cent in 2021. The median ransom paid was $546,000, a steep increase from $100,000 two years earlier.

Cyber Security for CHPTA Members

To help our member companies with cyberattack concerns, the CHPTA is pleased to have partnered with E-Tech, one of the world’s 501 elite managed service providers, system support and information technology consulting firms.  

Since 2005, E-Tech has been delivering cyber security protection, website hosting services, IT support solutions and website design services to businesses of all sizes.  CHPTA Members can also take advantage of a special promotional offering on Cyber Security Awareness Training for employees.

Source: CDW
Source: The Star