Last Wednesday, September 2nd, Michael McLarney, President of Hardlines Inc., spoke to CHHMA members and others from the industry via Zoom and provided some information on the retail home improvement industry in Canada. Much of the subject matter came from the 2020 Hardlines Retail Report which is available for purchase and includes in-depth data and analysis on the size and growth of the industry.  

*CHHMA members were sent a special discount offer for the report via email this week so if you have not received it please contact Michael Jorgenson at 

During the presentation, Michael recapped some of the key type of information which is captured in the Hardlines Retail Report such as sales by retail segments and provincial market share as well as overall growth for the industry which has been slowing in recent years (only +0.3% in 2019).  Michael discussed the supply chain disruption that has occurred during the pandemic leading to changes in consumer purchasing and provide some samples of how retailers have been pivoting to survive and maximize sales opportunities.  He added that many retailers in the industry have been reporting strong Q2 results but forecasting for the future will be very difficult.  Recovery from the pandemic is going to take some time.  Michael also touched upon some of the major retail players and buying groups in the industry making news and finished off taking a few questions from the audience.

We would like to thank Michael once again for his excellent presentation and for the special discount offer for CHHMA members on the 2020 Hardlines Retail Report.