For Christian Leduc, running a big box through the lockdowns of 2020 brought new challenges on a daily basis for him and his staff. As manager of a RONA store in Gatineau, Que., the personal lives of his staff become more enmeshed than ever in the realities of the workplace.

“We always said, ‘take care of your employees,’ but under the pandemic last year, we had to be even more attentive about that. We had to be a big family and make sure everyone had good health,” says Leduc.

Leduc’s story is just one of the many that will be explored in the pages of Hardlines HR Advisor, the newest publication from Hardlines, Canada’s information network for the home improvement industry. This new monthly newsletter will feature industry knowledge, tips, and more to help business owners and managers deal with the well-being of their people. 

HR Advisor is designed to keep you informed about human resources issues and concerns. In the latest edition, readers get advice from one retail HR leader on how to make sure your team feels connected during these difficult times. 

To ensure you get guidance to help manage and support your teams, every month the publication will include advice from HR professionals who work in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing to share their expertise. This month, Walter Pranke, vice president, human resources at Lee Valley Tools, shares how to ensure that you hire not just for work experience and job skills, but for the right values that align with your company’s.

A Question of the Month will shed light on issues that affect any business owner, including vaccine hesitancy among staff, sick days and COVID, leadership, and succession.

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