E-Tech is offering CHPTA Members a free Cyber Security Awareness Training Session at a date and time convenient for you. This training will cover why user education and cyber security awareness is becoming so important, especially with the digital transformation of most companies.

The #1 threat to any organization is their employees. Without proper training, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

E-Tech will go into depth on current alarming data breaches and compromises as well as how to identify phishing emails social engineering attacks. This is a no-obligation training and many companies find it helpful as many insurances now are requiring to show proof of Cyber Security Awareness Training in order to be insured.

Training Highlights:

  • The newest alarming data breaches and compromises happening in 2022.
  • Looking at phishing and ransomware attacks, with real-world examples.
  • Ways that your employees’ work credentials can lead to a breach.
  • How to practice good email hygiene.
  • Looking at how the internet works, and how the Dark Web exists.
  • A look into the Dark Web and its virtual black markets.
  • Explaining how credentials are compromised.
  • Protecting against compromises and how to stay proactive.

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