The CHPTA offers many money-saving programs and business solutions for member companies and their employees such as the following:

DimeTyd logo
The CHPTA is pleased to have partnered with DimeTyd, an advanced accounting and reconciliation platform for Amazon vendors, to help our members identify and recover funds they didn’t even know existed!

DimeTyd is the only fully automated solution for Amazon vendors globally that offers seamless recoupment of unwarranted deductions.  Here are some key features:

  • Enables precision alignment with Amazon’s complex accounting system
  • Enables visibility into over-billing and deductions at scale
  • Enables automated know-how to identify and recoup funds rapidly

Due to the complex and opaque nature of Amazon’s billing, most 1P vendors only see 10% of their over-billing.

In addition, most vendors commonly lack the expertise, technology, and time to measure the impact of incorrect deductions.

Even when issues are discovered and affected vendors start a dispute resolution process with Amazon, the process can be complex and time-consuming.

  • With the help of DimeTyd, your awareness of deductions, over-billing, and short payments is improved.
  • DimeTyd will identify areas that need improvement in order to prevent deductions in the first place and bring disputes to Amazon’s attention so they can expedite the settlement process.

DimeTyd is currently offering an exclusive 25% discount to CHPTA members on their successful recovery fees.
The CHPTA is planning on setting up some information webinars in the near future for our members to help demonstrate the benefits of utilizing DimeTyde.

In the meantime, for more information on DimeTyd, please contact:

Brian Zollar
Cell: 614-314-5575

TForce Freight Canada Logo

One of the association’s newer program partners is TForce Freight Canada, formerly Quik X, is a TFI International company that has been offering safe, efficient, and sustainable LTL transportation solutions for Canadian industries since 1990.

TForce Freight Canada Consists of Three Main Service Divisions

Expedited Domestic LTL: TForce Freight Canada offers expedited LTL transportation across Canada with immediate access to straight trucks, 53’ trailers, flatbeds, dedicated fleets, and more. By optimizing their supply chains with accelerated domestic LTL transportation services, including next-day shipping between Southern Ontario and Quebec, TForce Freight Canada provides a positive benefit to their clients’ bottom lines.

Cross-Border LTL: As members of the TFI International network, TForce Freight Canada is positioned to provide seamless cross-border transportation, managing international trade between Canada and the USA, by leveraging their 200+ facilities and diverse fleets. They remain up-to-date on the latest customs clearance procedures and national security legislation while participating in various programs such as FAST, CSA, CTPAT, PIP, and ACE.

Logistics: The Quik X Logistics division leverages TForce Freight Canada’s assets, along with the larger TFI network, to enhance supply chain operations across North America, allowing them to establish a unified North American supply chain with end-to-end solutions supporting year-round operations, including seasonal surges, special projects, and everything in between.

TForce Freight Canada Utilizes Service-Enhancing Technologies

TForce Freight Canada is continuously expanding their offerings through strategic partnerships and investments, as well as incorporating leading technologies into their operations in order to streamline their processes and offer complete visibility to their clients.

Pickups: Customers can schedule pickups via EDI, web, phone, or email.

Dispatch: Drivers use cellular scanners for accurate capture and real-time processing of freight details & BOLs.

Dock: Freight arriving at the origin dock is barcoded, scanned, cubed, and assigned to trailers and dock locations until loaded for linehaul.

Transit: Real-time freight tracking via EDI, UPS WorldShip® Technology, and an online Track & Trace tool.

Customs: Electronic customs documentation processing and delay alerts via Quantum View Manage® technology.

Delivery: Digital PODs are automatically generated and uploaded via EDI, web, or email the instant any consignee signs for their delivery on drivers’ scanners.

To learn more about TForce Freight Canada’s services, network of 200+ locations, and easy-to-use online shipping tools (such as MyLTL, Track & Trace, Rate Estimates, Transit Times, and Find a Location), visit their newly launched website at!

Or contact their Sr. Account Executive Debbie McNutt:

Debbie McNutt
TForce Freight Canada
5425 Dixie Rd. Building B
Mississauga, ON  L4W 1E6
Mobile: 365-440-1548

Aaxel logo

The CHPTA is pleased to offer our members (including spouses and dependent children residing at home or away at school) with a home and automobile insurance program. The program is brought to you by Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. and is underwritten by Economical Select, a subsidiary of Economical Insurance, and Novex/Intact Insurance.

Being a member of the CHPTA gives you access to exclusive association group rates for your home and auto insurance needs through the program. In addition to your group rate, you may be eligible for extra discounts that could save you up to 60% off regular insurance premiums.

Find out more about the Home & Auto Insurance program provided by Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd.

The CHPTA offers many more money saving programs for member companies as well as individual employees.  Our affiliate partners are top experts in their fields and can provide valuable advice and services to benefit members.  The advantages are many and for companies that participate and utilize the Association’s programs and services, the cost of membership can be returned many times over!

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