Online Consultations on the 2022 Schedule of Contributions Took Place on February 22nd.

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) consultations on the 2022 Schedule of Contributions were held on Tuesday, February 22 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am in French and from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in English.

ÉEQ is the private non-profit organization that represents the companies that place containers, packaging and printed matter on the market in Québec in their responsibility to finance the costs of effective and efficient municipal curbside recycling services.

Companies targeted by the Compensation Plan were invited to virtually attend to obtain all the information about the terms of the 2022 Schedule of Contributions, ask their questions and share their comments.

Prepare for the consultations:

Préparez-vous dès maintenant à la consultation:

The video recordings will be made publicly available on EEQ website, in the “Schedules of Contributions and consultation” section.

About the Schedule of Contributions: 

All companies that generate containers, packaging and printed matter (CP&PM) for Quebec’s market are required to pay an annual contribution under the Environment Quality Act. The Schedule of Contributions is a legal document published each year by the Government of Quebec that sets out the reporting terms for the obligation year.

Each Schedule of Contributions is presented to companies for consultations before going through an approval process by government authorities under the Act. These consultations are the official process leading up to the approval of the Schedule of Contributions by the Government.

EPR for Batteries, Lighting and Additional Electronics (BLAE) Stakeholder Consultation

As mentioned previously, in late January, the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Climate Change announced it will begin a 60-day targeted consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations for batteries, lighting (lamps) and additional electronics (BLAE) starting on February 22nd, 2022. 

Click here for a short PDF consultation presentation for stakeholders on this new EPR program.

Please contact Bob Kenney to provide feedback at (, 902-499-2178). The response deadline is April 11, 2022.

As mentioned previously, the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Climate Change is also currently working with municipalities and other stakeholders to develop an EPR program for packaging, single-use plastics and paper.

The Department announced in December they will be starting a 90-day EPR consultation for Printed Paper and Packaging (PPP) starting January 10, 2022.  If you would like to be a part of that consultation period to discuss these regulations with Nova Scotia, please contact Ashley David (