Created earlier this year, TraQline’s Consumer Durables 2022 Insights Snapshot report highlights high-level insights for the past year — from market share to top retailers, demographics, and more.

About TraQlinev  

  •  For more than 20 years, TraQline has been the leading provider of market, consumer, and competitive intelligence for consumer durables. Through a growing portfolio of insights solutions, they are empowering consumer durables organizations to better understand their market and optimize end-to-end business practices. Their clients include retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and analysts.  Product categories that they cover include:
  • Major Appliances
  • Small Appliances
  • Kitchen Fixtures
  • Bath Fixtures
  • Hand Tools
  • Lawn Hand Tools
  • OPE & Parts
  • Grills & Smokers

Here are some Key Takeaways from the U.S. based report:

  1. The Home Depot was the number one retailer across 4 of their top 10 product categories tracked in 2022; Walmart was number one for 3 product categories.
  2. Lowe’s held the number two spot across 4 product categories. 
  3. Brand winners vary by product category with top brands like Samsung, Moen and Peloton taking the lead in their respective categories. 
  4. Online sales continued to grow in 2022 with an 8-point increase since 2018 – with the largest online sales increase still holding from 2019 to 2020. 
  5. Sports Equipment had the highest percentage of sales made online versus instore compared to any other product category tracked for 2022. 
  6. Amazon’s consumer durables share grew 5 percentage points since 2018. 
  7. Sports equipment, small appliances, and consumer electronics were the top 3 product categories sold on Amazon in 2022. 
  8. Major appliances had the highest average price paid across key consumer durables in 2022, with wall ovens the highest within the product category. 
  9. Cell phone and consumer electronic purchases tend to have lower income purchasers versus sports equipment whose consumers had higher income. 
  10. Sixty-seven percent of consumer durables purchasers have an Amazon Prime membership – up 55% versus a five years ago.

The report (PDF) is available for free download here:

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