The CHPTA hosted webinars via Zoom last week for members with two businesses who have registered with the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) to be Producer Responsibility Organizations or PROs. These organizations are in the marketplace to provide collection, management and administrative services to help producers meet their regulatory obligations under Ontario’s new Blue Box Program Regulation.


Presenting at the first webinar on August 31st were Gordon Day, Vice President and Carmelina Macario, PRO Services Manager, from Ryse Solutions Inc, a division of the Emterra Group. They provided some background on their personal, as well as the organization’s overall experience, and expertise with EPR programs, policy and regulations in Ontario and across the country followed by an overview of the new Blue Box Program regulation focusing on 5 key changes. (If you would like more details on the new regulation, you can find presentation slides and a recording of an information session held by the RPRA here on their website.).  

Gordon and Carmelina then discussed what a Producer Responsibility Organization is, the services they provide, and why a producer should work with a PRO to meet their obligations with Ontario’s new regulation. They also explained the Rules Creation and Allocation Table process where the key operation and cost allocation decisions will be made as well as what fees (to be determined) will be covering.   

Finally, they reviewed the upcoming next steps and deadlines. Remember, producers are required to register with RPRA by October 1, 2021 and provide the following information when registering: 

  • 2020 supply data in new material categories and deductions; 
  • PRO information, if one has been retained, including what services they have retained a PRO for;
  • finally, this information must submitted to RPRA directly.

We would like to thank Gordon and Carmelina once again for their excellent presentation and the insights that they provided our members.  




The second PRO webinar hosted by the CHPTA took place on September 2nd and featured Shane Buckingham from Circular Materials. This national not-for-profit organization was incorporated on July 6th by 15 founding brand manufacturers and retailers and describe the business as “created by producers for producers” with an objective of supporting producers with meeting EPR obligations in Canada including the new Ontario Blue Box Program Regulation. This organization felt it important that a group of producers take a leadership role in the development of the new blue box collection system and the rules for its operation within Ontario and likely other provinces.

Again, Shane reviewed the key upcoming dates and the importance of signing up with a registered PRO by November 1, 2021. Only PROs that have registered with RPRA between August 1, 2021 and November 1, 2021 can continue to sign representation agreements with producers.  

Shane then reviewed the key advantages of their organization and how Circular Materials is committed to supporting producers with achieving circularity through: enhanced collection; more efficient recycling systems; and greater access to recycled content. Fair, open, competitive procurement of collection and processing services will be the key.

If interested in getting further info from Circular Materials, be sure to sign-up for their Email News here.

Again, we would like to thank Shane for taking the time to speak to our members and providing further information on their organization.


If you are a CHPTA member and would like to receive a copy of the presentation decks and webinar recordings, please follow-up with Michael Jorgenson at