On Monday, Viki Scott, President and Principal Consultant & Chief Lobbyist of Scott & Associates Inc., presented to members of the CHPTA-COPA HR group on the topic of Workplace Repatriation. Viki discussed the legislative framework that drives the “due diligence” obligations that organizations need to have in place in support of employees as they re-open their businesses.  Then elements of a Business Continuity Plan Framework were reviewed as it relates to workplace “repatriation.  Finally, she highlighted resources, both internal and external, that are required for the development of an effective workforce transition and transformation plan in union and non-union workplace environments as it relates to a “new normal”.

If you would be interested in joining our HR Group that meets virtually online once a month to discuss HR related topics, then reach out to CHPTA President Sam Moncada at smoncada@chpta.ca.

Meanwhile on August 19th, member program partner HRdownloads held a webinar on “Return-to-Work Strategies”.  HR Researcher/Writer Melissa Voit first talked about the importance of finding out what concerns your employees have about returning back to work to identify any challenges you may have to overcome and prepare for.  She then reviewed the different types of return-to-work models companies can take followed by guidelines and tips for a successful return.

Every workplace is unique and return-to-work strategies will vary depending on the organization, industry, and type of work performed. By investing the time in creating a customized return-to-work strategy, you will be better prepared for a smooth transition back.