Vaughn Crofford

The CHPTA is pleased to announce the renaming of the Association’s Scholarship Program in memory of our former President Vaughn Crofford, who passed away in June of 2023 at the age of 73.

Vaughn had a very successful term as President of the Association from 1994 to 2018, which was then known as the Canadian Hardware & Housewares Manufacturers Association (CHHMA). The Association thrived under his leadership as he became a voice for the manufacturers’ side of the industry. Vaughn was an integral part of the formation of the Electrical Stewardship Association which manages recycling programs in BC. He was also the creator of the calculator for determining packaging material responsibilities accepted by all blue box programs across Canada. In 2001, Vaughn introduced a scholarship program for children of association company employees.  Prior to joining the CHHMA, Vaughn was part of the management team at Federated Co-operatives Limited and played an important role in turning around the fortunes of the hardware department.  In 2018, Vaughn was inducted into the Industry’s Hall of Fame prior to his retirement.

The CHPTA continues to recognizes the importance of education and, therefore, encourages children of employees of our member companies to attend university or college.  To help offset the cost of post-secondary education, the Association is pleased to offer a Scholarship Program in memory of Vaughn Crofford where successful candidates receive $1,000 (CDN) for their first year of study leading to a degree from an accredited community college or university.  Since 2001, the CHPTA has awarded $209,000 towards scholarships with some 109 young people benefiting from the program.

The complete qualification criteria and application forms can be found at