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The CHPTA is pleased to have partnered with DimeTyd, an advanced accounting and reconciliation platform for Amazon vendors, to help our members identify and recover funds they didn’t even know existed!

DimeTyd is the only fully automated solution for Amazon vendors globally that offers seamless recoupment of unwarranted deductions. Here are some key features:

• Enables precision alignment with Amazon’s complex accounting system
• Enables visibility into over-billing and deductions at scale
• Enables automated know-how to identify and recoup funds rapidly

Due to the complex and opaque nature of Amazon’s billing, most 1P vendors only see 10% of their over-billing.

In addition, most vendors commonly lack the expertise, technology, and time to measure the impact of incorrect deductions.

Even when issues are discovered and affected vendors start a dispute resolution process with Amazon, the process can be complex and time-consuming.

• With the help of DimeTyd, your awareness of deductions, over-billing, and short payments is improved.
• DimeTyd will identify areas that need improvement in order to prevent deductions in the first place and bring disputes to Amazon’s attention so they can expedite the settlement process.

DimeTyd is currently offering an exclusive 25% discount to CHPTA members on their successful recovery fees.

The CHPTA is planning on setting up some information webinars in the near future for our members to help demonstrate the benefits of utilizing DimeTyde.

In the meantime, for more information on DimeTyd, please contact:

Brian Zollar
Cell: 614-314-5575

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As part of CHPTA’s ongoing effort to help members gather better data and uncover greater insights, we are pleased to have partnered with Krunchbox, a simple to use, cloud-based business intelligence tool designed to help vendors and their retailers collaborate around point-of-sale (POS) data and make more effective inventory decisions.

6 Month Free Dashboard “Lite” Program

As part of this exclusive free trial program, CHPTA members will gain access to a series of sales and inventory dashboards that bring to life the weekly Point-of-Sale data you’re currently receiving from your retail partner(s).

Your participation in this program includes one retailer to analyze, ongoing training sessions, all of Krunchbox’s in-program training tools, and program support.

You’ll have access to 10+ dashboards including:

  • CEO Highlights from last week
  • In Stock Position
  • Out of Stock Overview
  • Stock Available Zero Sales
  • Top 20 Products
  • Product Review
  • Weekly Trend
  • Allocator Stock Suggestions
  • Store Weekly $ Avg.
  • Store Focus

Choose your retailer: (more coming soon)

Krunchbox partner logos

+ Plus add retailers to your free dashboard program at anytime for a small fee.

Full Program Access – Preferred Member Pricing

When you’re ready to move from the CHPTA dashboard program or if you need a more robust solution right out of the gate, CHPTA members receive preferred pricing on our full program access. For example: load and analyze any 4 retailer’s results and pay for 3.

Your full program access includes:

  • 50+ dashboards
  • 15+ detailed reports
  • Data Analysis tools
  • Product allocator module
  • Store Based Mobile App
  • Dashboard Tablet App

To follow-up on these offers, or for more information:

Visit https://krunchbox.com/exclusive-chpta-member-offer/

Or contact: Doug Murless
Vice President – Business Development, North America; Country Manager, Canada
Tel: (416) 689-9139
Email: dmurless@krunchbox.com

Merchant 1 Payments logo

The CHPTA is pleased to have partnered with Merchant 1 Payments, a Canadian owned and operated merchant service provider which has been helping businesses for over 20 years!

Available to all CHPTA members is a preferred pricing plan which they are confident will generate a tangible savings opportunity for your business.

As a member of CHPTA you are entitled to numerous benefits through Merchant 1 Payments for all your credit card processing needs such as:

1) Free lifetime warranty for all terminal upgrades and replacements
2) CDN & USD processing
3) Next day funding
4) No cancellation fees
5) Dedicated account manager

Merchant 1 Payments will provide all CHPTA members with the following rates:

Visa Base Rate: 1.25%
MasterCard Base Rate: 0.92%
Processing Fee: 0.10%
Interac Debit: $0.04

*All interchange passed through at cost

For more information, please contact:

Robert Bauco, Senior Sales Executive
Office: 1-877-797-1783 ext. 219
Fax: 1-800-541-2613
Email: rbauco@merchant1payments.com

Merchant 1 Payments
2180 Steeles Ave West, Suite 300
Concord, ON
L4K 2Z5
Website: https://merchant1payments.com/

ProPurchaser logo

The CHPTA is pleased to announce that our members can take advantage of a free 60-day trial offer for ProPurchaser to help track commodity prices and other key cost drivers.

ProPurchaser Helps Supply Chain Professionals Succeed in Negotiations

Established in 2001, ProPurchaser has grown to become a trusted resource for thousands of Procurement Professionals. They track prices for hundreds of commodities and other cost drivers that affect suppliers’ production costs; and send out alerts as changes occur.
ProPurchaser contains data, tools and resources that allow members to speak with authority, improve their position, and achieve their negotiations goals.

In addition, CHPTA members will receive a $200 discount off the price of a new annual membership plan or renewal for ProPurchaser.

So start using ProPurchaser now!

To sign-up or if you have any questions, please contact:

Angela Frank
VP Member Services