A number of members participated in another HR webinar hosted by the CHHMA which provided valuable information and best practices for workplaces planning to re-open during this period of COVID-19.  


The presenter was Darci Taylor, Principal & CEO of HR Compass (www.hrcompass.ca), an HR consulting firm.  Darci covered four main topics during the presentation which included:

  • Recalling employees back to work
  • Obligations with respect to providing a safe environment for employees
  • Guidelines for businesses as they re-open the economy
  • Human resources considerations for managing in a COVID-19 era

Darci discussed the CERB, CEWS federal programs as well as the Infectious Diseases Emergency Leave legislation in Ontario that can come into play when recalling employees back to the workplace.  She also reviewed key considerations to factor in when re-opening physical workplaces.  

The important question of when to re-open a workplace was talked about and she outlined the policies that companies need to review and adjust for COVID including health & safety, vacation, employee benefits, work refusals, sick leave and work from home so they are prepared. 

Darci touched upon the responsibilities employers need to take when re-opening during this time and addressed working from home issues and recommendations for how to keep remote workers productive.

Finally, Darci answered a number of questions from the audience on a number of topics.

We would like to thank Darci once again for her excellent presentation and helpful information.  

She can be reached by email at darci@hrcompass.ca if you would like to follow-up with her further.