Amazon is set to launch a section on its shopping site featuring cheap items shipped directly to overseas consumers from warehouses in China. The new marketplace, Amazon’s most aggressive response to the growth of bargain sites like Temu and Shein, will offer unbranded fashion, home goods, and daily necessities. The products will be delivered between 9 to 11 days to customers. 

Amazon will start signing up merchants this summer and begin accepting inventory in the fall. Sellers joining the bargain site can determine their product selection and pricing, and can produce in small batches to test demand for new products. 

Amazon is exploring new ways to work with selling partners to provide more selection, lower prices, and greater convenience to customers. It is unclear if these shipments will use a U.S. trade provision that exempts individual packages worth less than $800 from U.S. customs duties. E-commerce powerhouse Shein and PDD Group-owned e-retailer Temu depend on the expedited clearance process for direct-to-consumer shipments valued at $800 or less.

Source: CTV News
Source: Globe and Mail