A new report says only 4% of Canadian businesses are using artificial intelligence. The research from Toronto Metropolitan University’s public policy institute, the Dais, says AI adoption is highest in Quebec, where 5% of businesses are using the technology.

Ontario, B.C. and Saskatchewan businesses follow closely at 4%, while Alberta has about 3% of firms making use of AI. Manitoba, the Atlantic provinces and Canada’s territories count about 2% of businesses as AI adopters.

The research shows that utility, finance, insurance and information and culture companies have the highest rates of AI adoption, while the construction, food and accommodations industries are the least likely to use the technology. Less than 1% of businesses majority-owned by women, Indigenous peoples or people living with disabilities have adopted AI so far, while businesses owned by immigrants and visible minorities have been more successful, with adoption rates of 6% and 9%, respectively.

Source: The Star