Change is to be expected. But lately it seems change is occurring at lightning speed. In response, some people are looking to slow life down by creating nurturing homes with warm, neutral colours, natural materials and a style that will last through whatever the world stirs up. Here is a collection of 28 home design and remodelling trends set to dominate in 2024.

  1. Kitchens – Many homeowners on Houzz are requesting traditional details and materials that create a timeless style. A phrase that comes up repeatedly in conversations with design pros about this trending style is “quiet luxury.”
  2. Handmade features – Accompanying the trend toward timeless style is an embrace of handmade features and details. Pros on Houzz say this includes handmade tiles, custom bathroom vanities and other bespoke elements, which create a feeling that the homeowner has something truly unique and special.
  3. Wood cabinets, flooring and details – While always classic, wood cabinets and other details tend to ebb and flow in popularity. Right now the material is booming. 
  4. Blended backsplashes – To visually break up kitchen backsplashes, some designers are now installing a slab of stone or quartz behind the range or cooktop while keeping the surrounding backsplash areas tiled. The slab is often the same material as the countertops, giving the kitchen a vertical display of graphic veining or other interesting details to create a striking focal point that’s easy to wipe clean.
  5. Upper cabinetsMany kitchens are embracing upper cabinets once again to maximize storage and keep dishes and glasses out of sight. Going with light colours and integrating a few glass-front cabinets are ways to help lighten the look of banks of upper cabinets. 
  6. Statement-making island countertops. Homeowners and design and remodelling pros are turning the island feature into a focal point by incorporating dramatic stone countertop styles and colours with waterfall details that put the slabs on full display. 
  7. Multipurpose islands – To facilitate a communal atmosphere, many homeowners are looking for ways to create a kitchen fit for entertaining – a multipurpose island is often the linchpin of this approach. 
  8. Butler’s pantries – If there’s one trend that has catapulted into the mainstream lately, it’s the rise of the butler’s pantry, or scullery. These secondary kitchen spaces help minimize visual and physical clutter in the main kitchen by creating space for pantry items, small appliances and extra countertops.
  9. Appliance garages – Appliance garages conceal countertop appliances such as blenders, coffee makers and toasters while keeping them easily accessible and organized. 
  10. Amazing showers – A spa-like bathroom is the goal of many homeowners. Few things deliver that feel quite like a beautifully designed shower. 
  11. Stylish aging-in-place features – Homeowners are increasingly planning for special needs in their bathrooms, with a focus on aging household members. Two-thirds of homeowners (66%) address special needs during their bathroom remodels, according to the latest Houzz research data.
  12. Wood bathroom vanities – In 2023, wood became the top choice for bathroom vanities, and that trend is expected to continue into 2024. 
  13. Bottom drawers on vanities – It’s nearly impossible to get a full-size drawer directly below and in front of a bathroom sink. Many pros are recommending a design that puts a full-size drawer below a cabinet. 
  14. Makeup vanities – The beauty industry is booming and many homeowners are returning to the concept of the once-popular built-in makeup vanity (also known as a makeup or dressing table). 
  15. Warm neutrals – Perhaps the most talked-about trend happening now is the move away from cool grays and stark whites to warmer neutrals like beiges, creamy off-whites and rich browns. 
  16. Blue – Many homeowners seem to be looking to blue accents and details to provide a sense of calm at home. 
  17. Jewel tone – While warm neutrals are popular, some designers are getting a lot of requests for bold, saturated jewel tones.
  18. Fluted and reeded cabinets and details Fluted and reeded details have been on display at design shows throughout the year. The aesthetic creates a thick, often rough statement-making detail beneath island countertops, bathroom vanities and dining room tables, adding texture and interest. 
  19. Herringbone everywhere – Herringbone is a classic design element that’s experiencing a renaissance. But the typically horizontal zigs are beginning to zag in new directions — diagonally or vertically — to create an updated look with visual interest, movement and texture.
  20. Woven textures – Including hits of visual texture is a great way to create interest and nuance in home interiors. 
  21. Small, intimate areas Homeowners with modestly sized outdoor areas are on the hunt for ways to create inviting spaces that extend living space and entice guests outdoors. 
  22. Entertaining spaces – Homeowners are tricking out expansive outdoor areas with entertaining features that rival those usually found indoors. 
  23. Grass between pavers – Whether driven by aesthetic requests or as a byproduct of maintaining on-site drainage, there has been increased interest in greenery tucked between pavers.
  24. Lush, naturalistic (and waterwise) gardens – Increasingly, homeowners are looking for soft, meadow-like gardens that feature native and climate-appropriate plantings that attract wildlife and pollinators, add outdoor interest and don’t require constant maintenance. 
  25. Mud-laundry rooms – Combining a laundry room with a mudroom is a great idea for homes that see a lot of mess at the entry. 
  26. Home offices that hide cords and equipment -Designers are creating beautiful ways to create a space that’s both fashionable and functional with impressive built-ins and features that help hide office equipment and corral cords.
  27. Architectural details in bedrooms – Some homeowners are looking to make more of a style impact to counteract soothing colours and soft textures in a bedroom. Adding architectural details like wall paneling, ceiling beams and even four-poster beds help introduce graphic lines and shapes that make a strong statement.
  28. Energy efficiency – Some home designers are seeing increased interest in sustainable upgrades. “Insulation, solar, battery backups, car-charging equipment, heat pumps, natural ventilation and air filtering, greywater systems and on and on,” architect Lincoln Lighthill says. 

Source: Houzz